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space150 Crowd-sources Agency’s 25th Identity Redesign


Open Branding Contest Marks Digital Firm’s 10th Anniversary; Gig Won by “Rival” Designer

Minneapolis, Min., April 6, 2010 – If crowd sourcing is about open collaboration regardless of boundaries, then space150, the digital communications agency headquartered in Minneapolis, gets that more than anyone. To mark the tenth anniversary of the firm, space150 just completed crowd sourcing the firm’s 25th identity redesign – a gig that went to a “rival” designer at Minneapolis’ The Thorburn Group.

“A lot of agencies would get really uptight about something like this,” says Billy Jurewicz, founder and CEO, space150. “You typically don’t let other people mess around with your brand, but we like to think and do things differently at space150 and besides we’ve never been tied to be just one thing forever. We reinvent ourselves every 150 days and with this being the 25th incarnation of the firm’s image we wanted to throw open the creativity door and invite in outsiders.”

Space150 redesigns its entire look every 150 days as a way to stay fresh and pay tribute to the constantly changing digital space. The assignment to recreate everything from the agency’s logo and business cards to the look of the website, interior styling of the firm’s 22,000 square foot office space and even, to a degree, the philosophy of the agency’s service offerings to clients was won by 28 year old Evan Nagan of Minneapolis-based The Thorburn Group. It’s the first time the design process has ever been crowd sourced.

Following an astronomy-based theme, Nagan’s winning design positions space150 as its own constellation of inter-connected stars against an infinite black backdrop. It’s a visual that works well on print but even more so online, where the agency’s new website will feature a star for every staffer at space150. In-house developers at space150 took this idea one step further and built in technology that allows site visitors to instantly see real time data orbiting around each of these stars. This includes an employee’s recent tweets, snapshots of blog postings and also how each staffer relates to other employees in the firm.

“The website in particular is a visual representation of how this firm works,” adds Jurewicz. “We’re entirely open and loosely structured so that the work for clients and the challenges it poses direct which resources, team members and creative elements are brought together to find the best solutions.”

Version 25 launches today and was celebrated internally at space150’s official version launch party. There have been 24 other identity designs in the firm’s 10-year history. For further information, design samples  or other needs contact

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About space150 (

Founded ten years ago this year by digital visionary Billy Jurewicz, space150 continues to stay at the forefront of every major and nuanced change in the digital communications space. From the early days of designing stellar, design-led websites for clients to today’s fully integrated blend of creative art and in-house technological product development, space150 now works closely with category leaders in everything from fashion and retail to global finance. The firm employs 110 staff across all creative, account-management, design and development functions and has offices in New York, Minneapolis and Los Angeles.