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A Little Friendly Competition Never Hurt Nobody


The fourth annual space150 Olympic Special took place on July 20th. In the spirit of total participation, sub-par athletes from across space150 competed to become gold medal Olympians, or at least to keep their egos in check. The prize was the coveted spaceman lunch box, but what was really on the line was pride.

Weeks before the event, space150 employees were divided into two teams: team space and team 150. And then it was on, baby! Tensions ran high leading up to the event. Usually friendly office banter turned into filthy trash talk.

The perfect day, by the shores of pristine Lake Minnetonka, brought grueling events like kick-ball, the three-legged race, and no one’s personal favorite, the splits contest. A friendly, but do-or-die game of tug-of-war concluded the event, where only a few rope injuries were sustained. Team 150 came out on top this year, but the lunch box will be up for grabs next summer. Time to start training.

To see how seriously space150 takes the annual Olympic Special event, check out team 150’s (dubbed the Fitnasties) YFly page.