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A Local Masterpiece: The New Guthrie


Newsweek recently ranked Minneapolis as the Design City; while we have always known that Minneapolis is a unique crossroads of cutting-edge architecture, avant-garde art, and cosmopolitan culture, we’re excited about this opportunity to share our city with the rest of the world. As members of the city’s creative culture, we’re thrilled to see the new Guthrie Theater (a creative space we’ve been anticipating for years) highlighted in their article. This amazing architectural work is just a few blocks away from space150 headquarters.

A few weeks ago the new Guthrie opened to record-breaking crowds who marveled at the spatial complexity of this big blue wonder. Jean Nouvel, the architect, took inspiration from the location’s industrial landscape of old flourmills, smokestacks, and warehouses to create a theater emulating our city’s past while simultaneously imbuing it with innovation and technology. Traditional smokestacks have been replaced with orange LED message towers, and the building’s steel frame has been cloaked with the holographic ghosts of the Guthrie’s great actors and playwrights. There’s also an “endless bridge” towering above the Mississippi and a “black box” stage for experimental work—proving that the Guthrie Theater is anything but a traditional performing arts venue.

The unveiling of the new Guthrie showed us how world-class performance art and world-class digital products aren’t all that different from each other. Technology offers opportunities for growth and evolution in theaters as well as in creative agencies, as audiences of every kind can appreciate cutting-edge concepts and unexpected execution. Here’s to the Guthrie for inspiring Minneapolis to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

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