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A New Standard


Announcing the new website for The Standard Hotels. It captures their hotels’ styles in an easily updateable spaceCMS® package.

Please excuse a little Architecture 101: Like any building, a hotel is influenced by its surroundings, and influences its surroundings in turn. With The Standard Hotels, this fact is part of the mission statement—each property reflects something unique about its city’s culture, while injecting some of the Standard’s.

For us, this fact was a challenge. Each hotel has its own character. But they all share a family identity, too. How could we frame this duality in a simple, easily grasped way?

The splash page shows off our solution. On, you can peek into the window of each hotel. Yes, that’s real looped security-cam footage. Yes, those are real hotel guests living it up. And yes, those are the real cityscapes behind each hotel. With one glance, you get what each property means.

(Well, alright. The New York hotel hasn’t been built yet. But we hooked up a camera that posts snaps of the construction site every 15 minutes. You see where we’re going with this, right?)

Click through, and each property has its own theme backed up by photos showing off unique amenities, reviews of that particular hotel, local events and menus, and even special virtual tours.

The strategy also relies on our content management system, spaceCMS. Each property can talk about itself in its own way, without getting too far from the Standard family. Designed templates establish the brand identity, but the flexible CMS also allows each property to update their own photos, events, menus, press, and more. It even makes managing the Flash content simple.

As the culture at each hotel evolves, so will the site content. But they’ll always look like siblings.

Check out the new Take a little security-cam vacation.