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A New Way of Thinking


In a digital age, a brand’s success is based on the relationship it creates through its experience, engagement and conversations. In keeping with the mission of reinventing itself, space150 launches version 21 which is a direct reflection of this.

The site was built to be 3 things: simple, conversational and collaborative. “These were easy tasks to accomplish because we have the culture, knowledge, tools and teams to do it” said Jarrod Riddle, Associate Creative Director at space150 and the lead on the re-build.

Some of the new features visitors will see are restructured and completely integrated news and events, redefined case studies which give a new look into the work and an overview of our methodology, created to be an easy translation of the space150 process. And by using its proprietary content management system (spaceCMS) making changes is easier to most aspects of the site (right down to Flash content). It also offers a predictive tag-based search feature and a new in-depth gallery media player.

“We needed a relevant way to talk with our audience and have a relationship with them” said William Jurewicz CEO and Creative Director for the agency. “so the site, inspired from the newly developed blog, has the voice, tone and open lay out to make it current.”

Take a look around, refresh the site and see it differently, check out the projects and start a conversation, and most importantly, let yourself