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A Tasty Revolution: Raise Your Red Spoon High


We refreshed Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Fan Club site. Let it inspire you to lift your treat in the air and join the legions of Blizzard fans.

“Legions” isn’t an understatement—there are over 1 million Fan Club members. And they are really into the Blizzard.

So into it, in fact, that we thought it was something more than a Fan Club: it’s a Fan Movement. We took that idea and designed the site as a call to action: constructivist-informed style, an upside-down Blizzard salute, and the transformation of the iconic DQ spoon into the movement’s flag.

There’s even a spirited manifesto:

This is home to all those thinkers of thick, sweet thoughts. All those connoisseurs of the cold and creamy. United in the belief that, well, Blizzards rule.

But this isn’t dour Soviet politics. It’s a celebration of a tasty, fun treat, right? That’s why we added a Blizzualizer (below)—a musical Zen blizz-out. And a “Making a Blizzard” video that follows the treat from start to finish. And Spoontones, where Artis (above), the world’s most renowned spoon artist (you might remember him from the Soundgarden video), makes the red spoons sing the blues. Or flamenco. Or whatever you choose.

The plan is that this site redesign is just a first step. We’re looking forward to getting those great Blizzard fans more involved in the future. Right now, we’re tossing around ideas that include videos highlighting real Blizzard fans, giving fans a say in how the site works, or even giving fans a voice in choosing new Blizzard flavors.

Behind the scenes, we’re also excited about building this site to work with spaceCMS, space150’s proprietary content management system. It’s really making it easy to coordinate the Blizzard of the Month flavor here and on

Proclaim your love for the thick and sweet Blizzard treat and sign up for coupons and updates about the new Blizzard of the Month flavors. Join the revolution.