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Avatars: Who Do You Want to Be?


Avatars are quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in technology, gaming, and social interaction. While these online alter-people have been around since the mid 1980s, and were featured in Neal Stephenson tech-cult book Snow Crash in 1992, only recently have they become a worldwide phenomenon. Avatars (virtual representations of real people) are most commonly found on sites and in games—like Second Life and Habbo Hotel users can make their “av’s” anything they choose. Some avatar creators seek anonymity, and others work exclusively to obtain a celebrity status in their virtual world.

While avatars may seem foreign, they’re not really all that different from real people. They have personalities, wardrobes, friends, and jobs, and in their downtime they can be found at parties, sporting events, and other avatar-based gatherings. Thanks to technology, avatars allow individuals to live out their fantasy lives; they enable stressed-out business people, insecure teenagers, and countless others to become someone or something they’ll likely never be in real life.

Whether it’s avatars or the digital universe that encompasses them, stay tuned to for updates about today’s biggest tech trends.