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Best Buy wins 2.7M hits on movie trailer/Web site synergy


space150 was featured in a Friday, Mar. 4 Business Journal article for its Pump Up the Movie website (, part of a Best Buy movie theater/online promotion to encourage moviegoers to turn off their cellphones during movies.

The article describes how space150 helped catapult Best Buy’s in-theater advertising by creating a website that extends the humor of the retailer’s imaginary movie trailer. “We thought without a huge broadcast or print ad [directing people to the site] it would only go so far,” said William Jurewicz, space150 CEO and creative director. With an interactive game, video clips and downloadable ringtones, space150 created a media-rich website that attracted more than 2.7 million visitors in only three months.

Viral marketing and on-screen advertisements made a huge success — hosting the most visitors of any site space150 created in 2004.

h1. Read the article: