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Cosmeo: Still Wired After All These Years


Wired has named Cosmeo one of their top online learning resources. Read more about the online homework help tool we created with Discovery channel.

Cosmeo delivers 30,000 educational videos to K–12 classrooms and home learners across the country with a custom media player that’s easy and fun to use. Even for the youngest students.

But what makes Cosmeo strong goes beyond video. Students can approach topics through all kinds of media:

  • 150,000 articles
  • 20,000 images
  • 40,000 math tutorials

All that plus educational games, reference links, trusted links, and more school tools—matched to your state’s standards. There’s even a parent mode for checking in on homework and quizzes, and helpful tools for teachers.

Our basic idea was that kids would use Cosmeo to explore the topics they were interested in on their own. It’s kind of a “the journey is more important than the destination” philosophy: kids learn how to learn by using Cosmeo’s search and browse tools.

The Wired article has a quick review and a brief breakdown of Cosmeo’s strengths… and, yes, weaknesses, too. We think it held up really well.

See for yourself with the Cosmeo tour.