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Crowdsourcing: Putting Customers in Control


Consumers are demanding more meaningful experiences from companies than ever before; they want to know that their opinions matter and that their values are being considered every step of the way.

Brands that aren’t giving their users a voice are quickly losing dedicated customers, which is where “crowdsourcing” comes in. Crowdsourcing is based on an open source methodology that lets real-life users create everything from products to advertising. Fluevog Shoes is one enterprise that’s embracing the idea of crowdsourcing by encouraging shoe enthusiasts to design their own shoes. Users can upload their designs to the Fluevog site to be judged by a jury of their peers (and of course, John Fluevog); the most well-received design is then put into production and sold in limited quantities.

Crowdsourcing is a mutually beneficial practice: it nurtures a dynamic relationship where consumers and brands truly interact, responding to each other and collectively evolving. This organic collaboration is changing the way products go to market by bringing the consumer into the process as an influential and eager participant in the brand’s development.

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