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Digital Media + Good Old Fashioned Art = New Age Aesthetics


The art world evolves constantly, reinventing itself to serve increasingly diverse audiences, to communicate more complex messages, and to evoke stronger emotional responses than ever before. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised when trendspotting sites like run stories on “new aesthetics” that bridge the gap between digital media and physical art. recently highlighted Prague-based artist Jeremiah Palecek, a formally trained painter who’s been creating work inspired by video games and TV. And then there’s, an art book comprised of photography taken by citizen artists using camera phones and cheap digital cameras.

Both of these projects merge art and technology, leaving us to wonder if this is a movement with the power to turn the Average Joe into the next Picasso. After all, ten years ago none of us dreamt about being authors in an online universe made up of consumer-generated content, and yet today some of the Web’s most well-known contributors are our (less than glamorous) next-door neighbors.

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