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Experience Design: Early Adapters in the Retail World


Inspired by the rapid growth of digital and mobile shopping, a handful of retailers are creating exceptional in-store experiences by borrowing from digital originators.

From virtual reality merchandising and viral retailing to designer co-ops that mirror digital boutiques, a growing number of experience-driven brick-and-mortar stores are proving that they get it, and more importantly that they aren’t afraid to innovate. For example, American Apparel launched a virtual store on the Sims-esque site where members can buy outfits for their avatars and then go to the real store and buy the same gear for themselves. Then there are the Swatch pop-up Instant Stores that use the transient nature of the Web to create urgency and mystique (think flash mobs) for unsuspecting urban shoppers around the world, while inQbox is bringing the idea of handmade goods sites like to a real-world setting.

These stores use technology and innovation to create experiences with greater depth and dimension for their customers than traditional shopping. By embracing the demands of tech-savvy consumers, retailers are disrupting the notion of how and what a store should be.

If you want ideas on creating digital experiences, contact our Strategy & Insights Director Lori Yeager: