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FOREVER 21 Holographic Fashion Shows Arrives in the US



space150's Holographic Fasion Show for Forever 21

Forever 21 and space150 unveil “fashion for the people” runway shows in Los Angeles and New York.

Forever 21, the global fast fashion leader wowed crowds at The Grove in Los Angeles last night with the first of two holographic fashion shows in the United States. The second takes place October 25 at the Daryl Roth Theater, New York City and both shows follow similar crowd-stopping events in Vienna and London earlier this year.

Conceived by digital agency, space150, the show features a runway first: no live models. Holographic models, wearing designs from Forever 21’s new line, walk the runway, disappear into starbursts and climb invisible staircases that light up underfoot.

“Our customers are always searching for the next big thing, or fashion trends before they happen,” says Linda Chang, senior marketing manager, Forever 21. “We love that about them, so we are always thinking about how to surprise them, show them things they’ve never seen before and give them new exciting ways to get involved with Forever 21.”

“Forever 21 is a phenomenon,” says space150 founder and chairman Billy Jurewicz, “They’re a leader in bringing accessible, up-to-the-minute fashion to customers everywhere. We designed these holographic shows as a more advanced way to premiere a new line that is more controllable, less hassle and has much greater impact for the same price as a traditional runway event.

“We’re not saying the traditional runway show has seen its end, but this technology and concept really rethinks the idea of what a runway can now do.”

Forever 21’s program of digital brand entertainment began in June 2010 with the introduction of an interactive Forever 21 billboard in Times Square, New York. Also conceived in partnership with space150, the board located on the site of the iconic Virgin billboard, features giant onscreen models interacting in real time with customers on the streets outside the store. Models snap Polaroids of the crowd in real time or pick people up and drop them into a store shopping bag.

See the behind the scenes and footage from the Holographic Fashion Show in Vienna on Vimeo.