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Four more added to the space150 roster


space150 has expanded its services in several areas throughout the company. New hires in several departments has increased the headcount to more than 40.

Josh Kopinski

space150’s very own ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’ was most recently at Esulants Web Services. Josh is the newest addition to the creative tech portion of the backbone and will be helping ramp up the flash work being created by the rest of the talented team.

Matt Estel

The Missouri boy who has traveled the states with his writing skills has landed at space150 as a copywriter under the direction of Riley Kane. Most recently at Periscope, Matt studied at The Creative Circus.

Britta Larson

Not any relation to the water filter, Britta has come to the space as the newest Account Support. Britta, a longtime Fallon friend, has joined space150 to use her forces to create a stellar client experience. You can view some of her hard work on projects such as the Nordstrom Interactive Campaign, MSN Films and

Jeffrey Sorensen

As the need for a new Technical Project Manager came to a head, Jeffery sent in his picture-perfect resume that caught attention. His ability to speak the language of programming, managerial/QA skills, and his great sense of humor will make him a perfect fit.