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Google Visits space150


It’s great to be able to see some of Google’s projects before they’re released for beta testing. But how will these new projects work with their existing services to help our clients?

That’s why John Grudnowski, our Media Director, asked them to hold a live event for our staff. They gave us a helpful, insightful walkthrough of what’s going on at Google.

We split into two sessions, one for “Advertising” and one for “Tech.” The Ad session focused on educating our Accounts and Strategies teams on Google products, with good direction on how to think about applying these products in our client projects.

“What continues to make space150 special, of course, is our integration of creative and technology,” said Lori Yeager, Vice President of space150. “But that means we have to build on our traditional ad agency experience to leverage the technical side. The Google event was really inspiring.”

The Tech session brought our tech and creative tech employees together for some nitty-gritty detail on Google technology. Two Google engineers spoke about integrating it into our creative.

“It was exciting to see what’s coming next from Google,” said Marc Jensen, space150’s Director of Technology. “They have a great technology platform, and we’re always looking for the next creative way to leverage it.”

One of our favorite challenges at space150 is getting creative with technology—and letting a new technology lead to our creative. Google aimed this event straight at that challenge. We thought it was a bull’s-eye. It’s always great to have a chance to play around with new tech in person, and to get ideas about how to use it from the people developing it.