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Happy St. Patrick’s Day: space150′s R&D Holiday


How do we come up with innovative marketing strategies for our clients? First we try them out ourselves around St. Patrick’s Day—like with our new viral game, Piss on a Leprechaun.

St. Patrick’s Day has become our traditional R&D holiday, when we try out some new ideas to spread our link around the Internet. (Check out last year’s goofy Enter “Piss on a Leprechaun” into your favorite search engines to see some of the places the game has already earned a mention.

About the Game

Piss on a Leprechaun. The title says it all. If it had a rating, it’d probably earn an edgy PG-13.

To play, aim your stream with your mouse, keeping an eye on your green beer-fueled ammo. Be sure to avoid the other bar patrons. And don’t let the leprechauns’ taunts get to you—just shut ‘em up by “watering their clover.” The better your aim, the more points you receive.