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Joy to Your World


Joy is an intangible emotion, an idea of elation, and a feeling that can be given to others through your actions. It’s also an 80-year-old woman with a fanatical penchant for the holidays and DQ frozen treats.

For the holidays, Dairy Queen is promoting the sale of their gift cards by offering a free 12 oz. Blizzard® with every $20 gift card purchase.

That’s where Joy comes in. She is the number one Blizzard and holiday fanatic. She is compelled to share that love by making festive holiday videos and posting them on her website,

Everyone knows a Joy. She may be your aunt, your mom, or your grandmother. And, if you have more than one sweater with a reindeer on it, decorate two months before a holiday, or say things like, “that’s the cat’s pajamas,” face it, you are Joy.