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Life Caching


In their 2007 Trend Report, Trendwatching identified a new trend called “life caching.” Life cachers are collecting their experiences online with both images and words, organizing, storing, and sharing them in hopes of creating some kind of memento or even legacy.

While at first glance this trend may seem vain—and a hobby for those with a little too much time on their hands—it can also be (at least potentially) rather sweet and sincere. Someday users may visit the site Dandelife, for example, and see how their parents had plotted out their childhood, complete with personal blog entries and even videos. Or they might view the Yahoo! Time Capsule twenty years from now and see that their own life cache submission has actually become part of history.

A whole slew of digital products are emerging to help and encourage life caching: Apple’s iLife digital suite, Microsoft’s MyLifeBits Project, and Nokia’s Lifeblog, which can be downloaded on select Nokia phones and allows people to use their camera phones to capture real moments to tell their story.

Web 2.0 has introduced some revolutionary digital products. Life caching could become a movement that gives users a glimpse into the softer side of 2.0—and the chance to be a part of something much bigger… tomorrow.