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Meet the space150 Interns


Best summer camp ever! space150 hires seven aspiring young interns in various disciplines for the summer.

Much like the 1986 blockbuster, Space Camp, a group of young people find themselves launched into space and forced to man the controls.

However, at space150, there are no sentient robots, a 12-year-old Joaquin Phoenix isn’t in the group, and the internship doesn’t end in White Sands, New Mexico (IMDb it). Other than that, it’s oddly similar.

As for the interns, Elsa Perushek assists in Production, Jason Piemeisl in Creative Tech, Katie Book in Account Services, Bethany Iverson in Strategy and Insights, and Seth Rieder, Ned Wright, and myself, Dane Roberts, are in the Creative department.

The program is mutually beneficial; space150 gets fresh perspectives and ideas from seven inspired and passionate people, while the interns receive valuable experience working in a fast-paced and exciting atmosphere.

space150 has continuously shown that they’re happy to have us working with them. And we, as interns, have been quick converts, championing space150 and becoming devout space cadets. Mission control, everything is going great.

Meet the interns:

Elsa Perushek:

bq. Coming from Benilde-St. Margaret’s Academy in St. Louis Park, Elsa is working as a production assistant, and currently helps out on some shoots. Elsa is impressed by our methods: “I’ve seen how space doesn’t just take one approach or a standard way to solving a problem; everything is evaluated, which is something that I think is lacking in the advertising that I see.”

Jason Piemeisl:

bq. A recent graduate of ITT Technical Institute, Jason is in the Creative Tech department, working on CSS and HTML page layouts. Jason cites on-the-job education as a benefit of being here: “space150 is providing a super-saturated environment to help me grow exponentially, and I’m learning every day.” He recalls a defining moment in his space tenure: during an all-staff meeting, one of his co-workers slapped Billy, our CEO, in the head — at Billy’s request.

Seth Rieder:

bq. Seth comes to space150 as a recent graduate from the Art Institute International in Minneapolis. As a design intern, he has been working on big national brands on design and identity projects. When he describes space150 to his family and friends, he uses the simplest terms: “space150 is THE interactive agency in the metro.”

Bethany Iverson:

bq. Bethany comes to us from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she completed a BS in Visualization. In addition to working in Strategy and Insights at space, she is currently in a Master’s program at the University of Minnesota for Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication. This is a return trip for Bethany, who interned at space last summer as well. Count her convinced: “and, I think, rare in our industry).”

Ned Wright:

bq. Ned is a familiar face at space150. He is in his fourth internship with space; his first stint was when he was only 16. He is currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. As a creative/design intern, he is working on national clients and internal projects, among others. Ned is happy that he is being exposed to a variety of clients and projects, and also enjoys the company: “space150 has a really interesting, progressive culture. The people here are sharp, tactical, and super creative.”

Katie Book:

bq. Katie comes to us as a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, with an

emphasis in Strategic Communication and Advertising. Working in Account Services, Katie gets to exercise her multitasking abilities and enjoys seeing how the industry works. In particular, she is impressed by how each department contributes to the development of a finalized product. She has immersed herself in the agency’s culture and looks forward to participating in her first space150 Olympic Special: “GO TEAM SPACE CORPS, HOOO-AH!!!”

Dane Roberts:

bq. Me. I came to space150 from Miami Ad School of Minneapolis, and the University of Iowa before that. As a copywriter, I’m enjoying coming up with concepts and copy for some great national brands. What I’ve enjoyed most is being allowed to contribute on the same level as my mentors. It’s great to be at an agency where you feel like you’re part of something with a great future.