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Meet the Timberwolves’ Newest Player


The latest in space150’s ongoing partnership with their hometown NBA team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, is a robust video player with an unlimited number of channels and seamless full-screen capability.

We’ve worked with the Timberwolves before. Four years ago, we helped to modernize their website, making it the envy of the rest of the NBA. Now, we’re upgrading their approach to online video.

WolvesVision is a new initiative that enables the Timberwolves to post massive amounts of exclusive video for their fans. The content remains highly organized and is easily searchable. To accomplish this feat, we’ve built a video player that accommodates as many channels as the team would ever need.

In addition to watching the embedded player on their homepage, WolvesVision also pops out to full screen seamlessly, without any lag in the action. In this mode, the controls remain on-screen to ensure maximum functionality at every point of the experience.

We expect that this video player will enhance the fan experience for the 2007-08 season and beyond. Go Wolves!