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Miracles by the Spoonful


Buy a Blizzard, save a child. Your sweet tooth can raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network. See how our online work with Dairy Queen helped make this year’s Miracle Treat Day another success.

Miracle Treat Day helps the Children’s Miracle Network help kids with injuries or diseases of any kind through its network of children’s hospitals across North America. The funds raised on this special day go to help local kids where you purchased your Blizzard.

We thought we could create something with Dairy Queen online for Miracle Treat Day that would rope people in and get them to spread the word. Something fun. Something inspiring. Something that would bring people together.

So we helped Dairy Queen create a “Pledge a Blizzard” sitelet. Site visitors could make a pledge to buy a Blizzard for friends on Miracle Treat Day. And in a spirit of “fair’s fair,” their friends could turn around and pledge a treat right back. The kids benefit twice, and everybody gets a tasty Blizzard. Salud!

Each pledge added a new balloon to the website, a symbol of solidarity with all the kids helped by the Children’s Miracle Network. It’s great to see all the pages of pledged balloons. Plus, balloons are fun. More balloons equal more fun, right?

In the short time it was up before August 9, the pledge site attracted almost 90,000 visitors. And about 40% of them used the “Find a Store” tool to track down a Blizzard on Miracle Treat Day. We’re glad it helped, and we’re already looking forward to next year.

It’s already after August 9! Can I still help?

Yes. If you missed Miracle Treat Day, you can make a donation directly to the Children’s Miracle Network now. And remember—Miracle Treat Day is always the second Thursday in August.