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MySpace Music: The Long Tail


The Long Tail concept is one that, while not necessarily new, has been recently gaining a lot of attention in the marketing world. One of the core ideas of the Long Tail theory, attributed to Chris Anderson at WIRED, is that given the choice, consumers will rebuke the mass market by indulging in more obscure interests. It also states that companies are too concerned with mainstream ‘hits,’ and aren’t spending enough time marketing less obvious niche products.

So when MySpace announced that they’re opening their own music store where artists can sell their songs at whatever price they see fit, we couldn’t help but be intrigued. MySpace is well known as a stomping ground of independent musicians, where they can gain exposure, network with fans, and broadcast their products for free. In essence, MySpace musicians are the deviation from the mainstream; they’re the less obvious choice and the largely untapped potential of the Long Tail.

And while the Long Tail no doubt praises alternative choices, it doesn’t deny the importance of hits to draw in the initial crowd. Whether or not enough fans will purchase music from unsigned artists (not many mainstream musicians are expected to participate) to make MySpace music a success is debatable, but either way, we’re excited to watch this concept develop in real time.

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