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Net Neutrality: We Are the Web Music Video and Website


Last year, the FCC deregulated the broadband industry, opening the door for the cable companies and telecoms to charge content providers for different levels of service on the Internet, and Congress is now considering legislation to cement this deregulation in place. If that happens, it will become possible for the Internet service providers to charge content providers for service, or even to handicap content providers in order to sell competing services. So far, the Net Neutrality debate has been chiefly between large companies—the large service providers such as cable companies and telecoms versus the large content providers such as Google and But we know that the Internet is more than these giants: the small businesses, the social communities, and the lives that are lived on the Web are at stake. We believe these smaller players will be the most hurt if we lose Net Neutrality.

So as a matter of conscience, space150 ’s R&D group spacelab created a funny and entertaining Net Neutrality activism site, It brings together Internet celebrities who explain how the Internet has affected them. Check out their music video, listen to their stories, and see why the Internet must remain free and open.