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New Product Launch Gives Students a Creative Way to Learn


Maryland-based Discovery Education partnered with digital marketing agency space150, to create an exciting new learning tool for students to use at home. The much-anticipated launch of Discovery Learning Connection is scheduled to happen Monday, Oct. 10.

This is a new product for Discovery Education stemming from the concept of an online streaming video system previously only available in schools. The home product located at is a media-rich player that allows students to learn while being entertained.

The product, modeled after some of today’s popular portable devices, has several interactive features to help students create learning breakthroughs. The main functionality of the product is to play streaming video and create a more interactive experience than just reading a textbook.

With a quiz section, interactive brain games and a scavenger hunt around the world, kids will be able to charge their brains in a brand new way. The Curriculum Explorer feature will help children with their homework and is based on each state’s curriculum standards.

Along with educational value, kids will also be able to show their individual and creative side by customizing everything from the players’ skin to the banner on their welcome page.

Discovery Learning Connection is available for parents to purchase for a small monthly fee.