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Online Authenticity: Who’s Responsible?


Every day there’s a new story about a child lured to a foreign country by a weirdo on MySpace. We read about politicians and businesspeople who pose as teens, movie stars, and musicians to gain entrance into unsuspecting young peoples’ lives. While many of these tragedies could be avoided if kids were more thoroughly educated about dangers on the Web, surely some responsibility lies with us, the creators, to develop safe online environments where kids can come and just be kids. Which is why we jumped at the chance to work on the social networking site YFly. Unlike other social networking sites, YFly is designed to give teens the tools they need to be in control. They can choose how much of their personal information they want to share and who they want to share it with—whether it’s a group of close friends, their school, or the entire site. And one of the biggest attractions of the site is its promise to deliver only 100% authentic celebrity profiles, which means no more chatting with a 45-year-old stock broker pretending to be Nick Lachey.

We love working on digital products that put teens in the driver’s seat, and empower them to be responsible for their own well-being. To find out more about YFly’s unique features, check out