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Originality Never Tasted So Good


Announcing Raise a fruity, frothy Orange Julius to true originals everywhere. And then see how you measure up.

We helped create this website with Orange Julius as their first entry into viral marketing, and it falls into the “Truth: Stranger Than Fiction” file.

To celebrate the eccentric inventor of the 82-year-old fruit drink (and world’s first smoothie), we created a short PBS-style documentary video exploring the story of the original Orange Julius, Julius Freed. More than just an inventor, Freed was an inspiration, a genius, and, clearly, an eccentric.

And it’s all true, as a site link to Wikipedia will attest. Even the part about the inflatable shrimp trap.

Once you’ve learned the backstory, measure your originality with the Originalizer quiz. It’s a tongue-in-cheek but nonetheless utterly scientific assessment of your originality/refreshment index. Are you the next Julius Freed?