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Our Super Sweet 19


space150 has reached another milestone: version 10.9. That means 2,850 days, 19 version parties, and one unchanging belief: the future feels good. On September 14, space150 celebrated another successful identity change.

What does an identity change include, you ask? We change our website, letterhead, business cards, promo candles and clothes, paint and decals on the front door, office banner, logos, copy and tagline, hairstyles, and underwear. It’s not as difficult as you might think. We do it every 150 days.

We don’t reinvent ourselves because we have a running competition with Madonna. We do it because we’re overcommitted to our evolution and the future. We do it to show our clients that changing with the times and staying relevant is possible. It just takes flexibility, courage, and a willingness to throw parties.

Our mission statement is: upgrading brands to the modern world. So we begin this belief at home. We’ve certainly upgraded and accomplished a lot in the past 150 days. Check our blog and press section on the new for more complete details.

Friday night, we kicked off the party by gathering for an all-agency photo, circled around Billy, atop a mechanical bull. Then, we toasted ourselves, unfurled our new banner to oohs and ahhs, and received our new business cards.

For the rest of the night we celebrated our rite-of-passage, like any forward-thinking, tech-loving agency would, by drinking lots of beer, playing Guitar Hero and Nintendo Wii, and riding the mechanical bull.

Happy anniversary/identity change, space150! Here’s to many more.

Check out the party photos here.