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Pepsi to Follow in the Footsteps of space150


Pepsi is breaking the chains of conventional packaged goods branding wisdom and joining the future of branding. Pepsi plans on changing the design of their packaging every few weeks. But what about the comfort and allure of familiarity?! What about protecting the integrity of the logo no matter what?!

Well, what about this: younger consumers, having grown up in the digital age, seek experiences, not products—connections, not logos. Brands that seek to connect with the powerful youth audiences have to be brave enough to turn conventional marketing wisdom on its head. That’s what Pepsi is doing. Their plans to deploy frequent evolutions of the packaging design will be part of a more multi-faceted brand experience. Each evolution will incorporate a youth-relevant lifestyle theme like sports, fashion, causes, or music that will play out online with related content—ultimately creating a brand connection through a lifestyle connection.

Pepsi has long struggled as challenger to the category leader, Coke, especially in appealing to Millennial, Gen Y, and Gen X audiences. If they succeed, instead of just telling their consumers that Pepsi is innovative, they’ll be showing it. And the result will be young consumers flocking to be a part of the experience. Now, how’s that for challenging for the lead?

Here at space150 the idea of frequent brand reinvention is not a new concept. In fact, we’ve built our business on over-commitment to evolution. Consumers, culture, and technology are all in a constant state of evolution—we believe the only way to stay in step, even ahead of the curve, is to take a proactive approach to change. So every 150 days, since March 2000, we’ve upgraded our identity. Look for our next evolutionary leap, space150 version 10.7, in the coming month.

Stay tuned to for more news from the brave new world of branding.