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Personas: The Power of User-centric Design


User-centric design enhances your customers’ online experience and relates them to your brand. By empathizing with users and working unselfishly to make sure that even their smallest needs are met, you’re less likely to leave any core group of consumers behind. This intuitive design practice benefits both the client and the customer by more accurately predicting online behavior that matches the real-life user process.

“Persona development” ensures that a design is user-centric. Each persona, or core consumer profile, represents a different personality type found in the target audience, incorporating target audience characteristics such as demographics, hobbies, likes, dislikes, lifestyle, attitudes, and values. Personas tell a story about how and why customers use your product. By testing personas, you’re more likely to walk away with a clear sense not only about what your customers need, but also about what they really want.

By utilizing the power of personas to create user-centric designs, our clients are able to dimensionalize the user experience and gain tremendous insight into what their customers are looking for—resulting in higher conversion rates, more efficient information gathering, and happier users time and time again.

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*Photo credit: nicolasnova on Flickr