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Piss on a Leprechaun This St. Patrick’s Day


This fun interactive game will prove how well you can give a golden shower.

Minneapolis, March 12, 2007 – The Piss on a Leprechaun game challenges players to control their urine stream in order to pee on leprechauns and avoid other bar patrons. With green beer consumption as ammunition, players are taunted by the leprechauns as they whiz by. And the better your aim, the more points you receive.

The game was created by space150, as a fun time-waster for the beloved, beer-drinking holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The game follows up space150’s 2006 novelty game,

About space150

space150 is a full-service agency with digital DNA: we help create and upgrade brands to the modern world, with a focus on helping our clients realize a return on their digital investments. Our services cover everything from full branding and marketing to technical design and development.

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