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Play Lady Play


Alright, so there’s no Dylan. But showcasing your classic rock skills on Rock Band can win glory here at space150.

Released about a month ago, MTV Games’ Rock Band ups Guitar Hero’s ante—by adding a mic, bass, and drums. It’s classic time-tapping gamery combined with karaoke. For groups up to 4. With a bunch of different input devices.

And yes, the guitar peripherals are by Fender. If I can’t find one used, I’ll just get by with a Squier version until my student loan comes in. Ba-da-bum. (There’s no Borscht-belt comedy band mode.)

We’ve got the whole setup set up for the space150 office Axe-mas party, so get ready to fret like Geddy Lee. We can’t wait to see who belongs on the cover of Virtual Rolling Stone.