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Relic launches new, explosive website


Announcing the launch of the new brought to life with space150’s FAUST process.

Relic Entertainment is a leading-edge game developer famous for its real-time strategy games, including the Homeworld series and Company of Heroes.

And each of these games bears Relic’s iconic mark, an old mine, a relic of war. So we made it central to their online identity, dropping a rusty WWII mine right into the center of the home page, with spectacular 3D animation that reflects the fit and finish of their games.

“Relic is a great match for space150,” says Billy Jurewicz, CEO of space150. “They’re gamers; we’re gamers. It was fun to bring up to a whole new level.”

The site was developed with our FAUST process: notice how we still get to use design pieces like the animated mine, while still getting human-friendly URLs. (The back button works on your browser, too.) And, behind the scenes, the search engines aren’t crashing into a wall of Flash, either. It’s fully searchable. Read more about space150’s FAUST process here.

Visit the new and see FAUST in action. Watch out for mines.