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Say No to Awkward Holiday Cards, and Yes to #HolidayTwee


space150 Asks Twitter Users to Help Feed Families for Holidays

Don’t expect a holiday card from space150 this year. Or any of the following: fruitcakes, chocolates, gift cards or self-promotional swag.

Instead, the digital advertising agency is turning to Twitter users to help spread “glad twidings” and raise awareness and money for Second Harvest Heartland, the Upper Midwest’s largest hunger relief organization.

Visit space150′s “#HolidayTwee” to see each posted tweet that incorporates the #HolidayTwee hashtag become a new decoration on the agency’s virtual holiday tree. For each tweet posted between now and December 31, 2011, space150 will donate one dollar to Second Harvest Heartland, up to a maximum donation of $5,000. The tree — er, Twee — will grow taller as more people donate. In fact, the agency is optimistic that it may eventually reach the moon.