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Shout Outs: What’s Inspiring You Right Now? (1 of 2)


No One Belongs Here More Than You
This site made me laugh, and reminded me that it doesn’t always take fancy-pants design and sophistication to engage people. Sometimes all it takes is a little charm. (Melissa)
Planet Earth
11-part documentary series, on Discovery Channel. (Punchy)
Magic Ink by Bret Victor
Interactivity is actually a curse for users and a crutch for designers

Print a copy to keep you focused if you have to (I did). It will totally open up the way you think about user interface and user experience design. (Eric)

It’s so fascinating to see it rain so much and notice all of the grass getting greener…the buds budding…peoples’ attitudes and energy changing… (Cade)
Ze Frank
Watching Ze’s video project evolve over the course of one year, and seeing how he created a community/audience of like-minded individuals. (Nichol and Punchy)
Erin Gruwell
Freedom Writers teacher. (Hilary)
The Sombrero Galaxy
Because it looks like a Sombrero.
Todd’s Lifelike Miniature R2D2
Lifelike Miniature R2D2 from | Get your own

What’s inspiring you right now?