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Shout Outs: What’s Inspiring You Right Now? (2 of 2)


spacers find inspiration both online and off. As part of a recurring feature, we’ve put together some examples, gathered across a range of disciplines, that have made a positive impact on us.

The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (iTunes link)
I’ll forget about this for months and months and then come back to it, and be like, “Oh, wow… this is so damn GOOD.” And it’s made even more amazing by the fact that it was created at a time when the recording technology was extremely limited. It’s a testament to how amazingly talented one human being can be, and how, when the universe aligns in JUST the right way, that person can create a beautiful piece of art that sustains for generations. (Joe)
Ambient Findability by Peter Morville
It’s about wayfinding, comparing interactions in real space with interactions in media space. Making these media spaces beautiful, humane, and effective is our job.
At the seashore, between the land of atoms and the sea of bits, we are now facing the challenge of reconciling our dual citizenship in the physical and digital worlds. -Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Lab

Time to get your passport updated. (Jason Sack)

Architectural Creativity

I am really inspired by the changes in architecture going on today. Specifically, two areas:

The first is the incredible level of architectural theory that is being applied to institutional buildings, such as museums and theaters, throughout the world.

The second is the amazing approach to architectural engineering that is playing out in major Asian and Middle Eastern cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Dubai. These cities are completely redefining what a building can be conceptually, and how it can defy gravity.

Also worth checking out: MoMA’s Tall Buildings exhibit. (Troy)

John Wooden

College basketball coach John Wooden led UCLA to 7 straight NCAA championships, and 10 in 12 years. His players, like Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, were beyond devoted to him. I’m inspired by his no-nonsense style and approach to life. My favorite thing: the fact that, in looking back, he doesn’t miss the games, but he misses practice. That guy won an insane amount of games, but for him the joy was in the time spent practicing. He misses the camaraderie, learning, friendship, support,and relationships that were built through long hours of practice.

I’m trying to apply this to Project Management and how I help run/organize my teams here. Our behavior influences our product. We respect the work, the problem solving, the practice. The games are still fun, but with a confident, predictable result. (Erinn)

Andre Michele’s Sonogram Experiments
Probably the first isometric spectrum analyzer we saw in Flash. It was a big influence on our YFly Media Player visualization feature. Andre will be at Flashbelt 2007!
Also inspiring: graffiti on trains, color theory, Truth Is by Brother Ali, Dance Band, local fashion, found typography, silkscreening, crazy talented photographers on Flickr, and letterpress by studio ON FIRE.

What’s inspiring you right now?