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Social Networking Truths


The recent failure of Walmart’s Hub proves that corporate America cannot simply proclaim something to be new and cool, and expect users to jump on the bandwagon. Organic authenticity speaks volumes.

So what makes a social networking site successful?

This question challenged our Strategy & Insight department. We scoured dozens of networking websites, from super niche, like Takkle or Sneakerplay, to mass reach, like MySpace and Facebook, to try uncover some truths about social networking. We found four.

Four Truths of Social Networking

1) Digital Content or Social Networking: Right now, one or the other drives traffic—at this point a true combination is neither expected nor utilized. This could be a big opportunity, but also would be a challenge in changing consumer behavior and expectations. (hi5 vs. YouTube)

2) Complete Connectivity: Users belong to multiple social networks and need to integrate content across them, especially considering people’s reliance on mobile devices. (UnCut Video)

3) Quality Over Quantity: Having lots of content is irrelevant if it’s not good. (iFilm)

4) The Cool Factor Is Defined by the Users: Sleek design and organization are important, but interesting users determine the personality (and success) of the site. (Vimeo)