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space150 Becomes Part of Ivy


Welcome to Ivy, the newest high-design, VIP-experience hotel in San Diego and one of space150’s newest client partners.

space150 joins Ivy Hotel, and the Kelly Capital Group, as both an online and offline partner, creating a unique identity system for the Hotel as well as their other on-site properties, Envy Club and Quarter Kitchen restaurant.

“space150’s unique flavor makes us a perfect match for Ivy Hotel,” says Mike Ackmann, Managing Director—Client Services. “This project shows the breadth of our new service offerings. Branding, print, online—we’ve brought it all to Ivy Hotel.”

In addition to all branding efforts, space150 is creating national ad campaigns, promotional pieces and a unique business system that includes items such as the menus, do not disturb signs, and even the matches in the hotel.

“It’s exciting for us to lead a project like this from the start,” says Jarrod Riddle, Associate Creative Director. “And being able to lead the coordination of the identity means we can create a totally unified and beautiful system.”

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