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space150 Gets Super-Sized


MINNEAPOLIS —, the Minneapolis-based full-service interactive agency, has increased the size of its agency facility. Maximizing the aura of the industrial Colonial Warehouse building, space150 has created a distinctive and open work environment. Warm maroon tones, rustic authentic décor and burning torch lights supply the office with a harmonious flow.

Even the space cat, Wolfhead, enjoys the bigger room to frolic and nap. Custom-built steel and lexan furnish a dedicated conference facility with an antiquated-looking mural of the Minneapolis Street Railway System covering a steel door. Maroon and cream hues blanket the walls, while darkly painted cement decorates the floor. Avatar Painting Studio and top set designers 3 Ring Scenic provided the painting and construction. “I’m thrilled with the new space, I can nap wherever I want. There is so much space, I can barf up a hair ball and they won’t find it for weeks,” said Wolfhead, the space cat.