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space150 Invaders: spaceTalk in the Trades


It seems that all our years of playing Space Invaders are quite literally paying off for us here at space150. Our Google alerts have been popping off lately, and we wanted to share some ink (ok, digital ink) that we’re especially proud of this week.

While our President Marc Jensen was busy leveling up to L33T tech master (paraphrased) by AdWeek, our CEO Marcus Fischer PWND it twice on AdAge’s DigitalNext blog. First, Fischer examined how smartphones use our personal data to create customized experiences in “Your Phone Knows More About You Than Your Mom.” He then imagined a Halloween with trick-or-treating youngsters equipped with smartphones, sharing which houses dole out the top shelf treats in “Smartphones Will Help Kids Trick Out Halloween.” Scary? Kind of. But Fischer predicts it’s not far off.

We also took 2 of the 10 spots (The top 2, but hey, who’s counting?) in Business Insider’s 10 Coolest Ads Ever to Appear in Times Square, with our interactive displays for 77kids by American Eagle and Forever 21.

The average space150 employee has between 300 and 500 hours of Space Invaders under their belt. In an effort to keep the accolades coming we’ve mandated all associate and mid-level space150 employees to up their quota to at least 25 hours of gaming per week. No exceptions.