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space150 Lauded at AIGA Minnesota Design Show 2007


Three AIGA Design of Excellence awards for space150 at the AIGA Minnesota Design Show: How’s that for a pat on the back?

We’re especially happy because the three winning projects come from the heart of space150—our two most recent identities (10.6 and 10.7) and a birth announcement for ACD Jason Strong’s daughter, Avery.

A debt of gratitude

We created these projects in conjunction with Ben Levitz of Studio on Fire, who even went so far as to hand-press the print pieces. Thanks and congratulations to Ben and all our great space150 talent!

space150 Version 10.7

Each of our identity updates is supported with new typographical additions, iconographic systems, pattern families, and brand language—from website to business cards to the placard on our door. Version 10.7 showcases a new interactive tour, a tomorrow-centric philosophy, and a shift to creating non-digital, as well as digital, products.

space150 Version 10.6

Version 10.6 featured a more sophisticated look and language, a handmade business system via letterpress, and a new interactive tour that matched the serious, smart side of space150 with our fun, quirky side. Remixes and outtakes bear witness to our pants-ripping, puppet-wielding, aria-singing, shirtless space culture in all its cosmic glory.

The Avery Strong Birth Announcement

Inspired by Victorian package design, this wax-sealed announcement proclaimed the arrival of Avery Elizabeth Frances Strong, a “royal bundle of princessness.” To create a sense of heritage, we designed a family crest that linked to “The House of Strong.” Era-specific typography and ornaments presented Avery’s full name, place of birth, and personal stats such as height, weight, and eye and hair color. A photograph of Avery was included along with a playful wallpaper of Victorian-influenced patterns.