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space150 Launches 3D Intro-Movie for the Minnesota Timberwolves


Minneapolis: As part of its new identity, the Minnesota Timberwolves has collaborated with digital marketing agency space150 for the launch of a high-energy movie introduction at the season opener last night.

Focusing on energizing the fans, the introduction, created in 3D Studio Max, provides Nasa imaging as an essential backdrop, and showcases a comet-like basketball flying over North America focusing on the great lakes, and then centering on Minnesota.

Once in earth’s atmosphere, the ball flies quickly past famous Minnesota landmarks such as Paul Bunyan, the “cherry and the spoon,” the Foshay Tower and finally crashes through the Minneapolis Target Center, leading the way to player introductions.

“The introduction was a fun and exciting way to start the game; it was great to see the Timberwolves do something different,” said Jason Prieve, a lifelong Minnesota Timberwolves fan.