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space150 Los Angeles: Venice Beach Upgrade


Where the beatniks used to beat, where the great skaters skate, what the gamers know as “Verona Beach”—that’s where we’re throwing down a new welcome mat.

We’ve expanded and upgraded space150 Los Angeles, moving to an office that’s also a modern, posh artist’s loft with living space. And it’s covered in balconies with overwhelming vistas of Venice Beach—giving it an open and free atmosphere to inspire our Minneapolis workers on retreat. It’s a mecca of inspiration, a change of pace, a new perspective, a break from the hustle.

Until you go outside, that is. On the beach you get the full force of the crazy, creative, Bohemian Venice Beach culture. But that’s another kind of inspiration. So we’ve stocked the office with bikes and surfboards to coax even the palest designer out into the sun.

space150 Los Angeles is more than a safe haven. It’s a full-working office to serve our West Coast clients, and it’s 100% tied in to our headquarters in Minneapolis. It’s space150 Los Angeles. It’s space150.