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space150 Scores with Super Bowl Spot


Minneapolis — Minneapolis agency space150 is celebrating a Super Bowl XXXVII TV commercial run for, the leading consumer credit empowerment service.

The 30-second spot aims to promote awareness of the fact that credit scores play a role in most people’s lives and encourages consumers to “see how lenders see you”. MyFICO is offered by Fair, Isaac and Company Incorporated, the company that pioneered credit scoring.

“We’ve been working with Fair Isaac on a number of strategic directions including and its corporate website, so this concept was a natural evolution of that process,” said William Jurewicz, CEO and Creative Director, space150.

“Our strategy was to communicate that a credit score was something that everyone should know and maintain — not just those in debt or with bad credit,” he added.

Fair Isaac, which has a base in Arden Hills, MN, as well as the Super Bowl host city San Diego, has maintained space150 as its agency of record for over two years.

William Jurewicz added: “We embraced this opportunity to expand our strategic contribution to such a unique service. The fact that we deliver digital solutions by harnessing technology to achieve our clients’ goals gives us the versatility to communicate through any medium, whether it is interactive, multimedia, TV or print.”