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space150 Sponsors Digital DUMBO #8


BROOKLYN, NY – A crowd of over 100 people gathered at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, NY three weeks ago for Digital DUMBO #8 – a gathering of New York’s finest digital minds – for an evening of cocktails and lively discussion on the future of marketing and advertising. The evening was sponsored by space150, a modern creative agency that believes in the power of ideas to make life better, and concluded with a presentation by space150’s CEO and Founder, Billy Jurewicz and Head of Strategy, Paul Isakson. Their talk took a fun look at what space150 has seen in the past 150 days, what they see coming in the next 150 days and what that all means for the future of the industry.

Mr. Jurewicz opened the presentation with a brief background on space150 and introduced Isakson who then talked about the past 150 days. Paul pointed out that space150 believes that the future of marketing is not about saying and doing things to people, but instead doing things with and for them. He then cruised through ten current examples of just how brands are doing this today.

Next up in the presentation, Isakson introduced a short video that contained thoughts from the Digital DUMBO community on what they’ve seen in the past 150 days and what they expect for the next 150. The show was then taken over by Jurewicz who elaborated on these next 150 days with a nice mix of humor and reality. Of particular interest and delight to the crowd were the endless possibilities becoming available through the evolution of true cloud computing and the speculated next release of Mac OSX – the Maine Coon Edition.

The evening wound down with people then milling about discussing what they had seen and getting to know more of their digital industry peers.

Digital DUMBO #9 “Hope and Change in Your Email Inbox” is September 24th from 6:30-8:30PM at the Underwater Lounge at Water Street Restaurant.


150 Days Presentation: