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space150 starts 2007 with a bang, winning new business from Andersen Windows, Dairy Queen, and Schwan’s Home Service


Minneapolis, February 12, 2007 – 2006 was a dramatic year of growth for space150, and it set the stage for several new client partnerships we’re excited to announce: Andersen Windows, Dairy Queen, and Schwan’s Home Service.

All three brands are leaders in the offline world, and they have partnered with space150 to achieve their rightful place as leaders in the digital world. Whether through online, mobile, or other emerging technologies, these brands want to drive their respective industries into the modern age of marketing.

We have always been proponents for digital-centric branding, says Billy Jurewicz, space150 CEO. And clients are now starting to demand more of our services. Progressive marketers, in particular, are looking for interactive specialists who can lead them into the modern media world.

As a hybrid agency, tying the best practices in art and design with the latest technologies, space150 is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this strategy in a way traditional agencies simply can’t.

The concept of new world branding has evolved from traditional advertising, says Lori Yeager, space150 Strategy & Insight Director. Historically, advertising has been more of a monologue a singular message delivered to a mass audience. The introduction of new technologies has allowed for a true dialogue, a one-on-one interaction with the consumer at all touch points. It’s about developing a real relationship based on give and take.

But we’re not going to rest on our laurels; the name of our game is over-commitment to evolution. We’ve recently expanded our office space in Los Angeles. A New York office is on the horizon, as is a state-of-the-art digital production studio. And 2007 will bring continued growth and new opportunities to space150, challenging our team to take our creativity and service to the next level.

About space150

space150 is a full-service agency with digital DNA: we help create and upgrade brands to the modern world, with a focus on helping our clients realize a return on their digital investments. Our services cover everything from full branding and marketing to technical design and development.

For more information about space150, email or call Lindsay Wenner at 612.332.6458.