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space150 Takes Manhattan


Balancing our west coast and middle coast offices, our New York office is about to take off.

It’s right in the center of SoHo, between Houston and Canal, between Broadway and… well, West Broadway.

Like our other offices, we’ve landed in a creative, bohemian area, full of hustle and bustle. It used to be factories, then artists, then yuppies. Now it’s everything. And that looks just about perfect to us.

space150 NY will help serve our east-coast clients without the confusion of time zones. It’ll also run in synch with Minneapolis and Los Angeles. We’ll explain how that works soon.

If you couldn’t be there when our spaceman (and/or spacewoman) inaugurated the new place with an astronaut-sized bottle of vacuum-packed space bubbly, just face east and raise your glass. We’ll raise ours back to you. It’s gonna be fun.