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space150 Turns 21


July 18th marked another milestone and rebirth for space150 – Version 21 – a new opportunity to reinvent our identity and bare our digital soul.

With the launch of Version 21, we are setting our course toward the ideal of a perfect digital world, where ideas aren’t limited – where we all It is our mantra, our maxim, and our methodology.

While we’re still as future-focused, evolution-loving, and digital-centric as previous versions, the new version of space150 focuses on the human connections we make and encourage others to make.

We’ve stripped away the all-too-common baggage and buzzwords to focus on the essence of our work: we create human experiences through digital ideas, to reach out and connect curious people with curious people.

This new version is shaping up to be another exciting and innovative phase for us, with the addition of Marcus Fischer as VP of Account Planning, expanded Mobile Marketing offerings(space150 mobile division), and new client partnerships.

Also, on August 11, we hosted 200 guests and a lineup of leading mobile executives, including Chuck Levine as the keynote speaker, at the first DEEPSPACE Mobile Marketing Workshop.

It doesn’t stop there. Our new blog,, will launch soon, featuring our insights and perspectives on the industry. We also have more workshops on the horizon. We’re looking forward to increased connections, sharing information, and collaborating in the construction of the perfect digital world.

Here’s to another 150 days, and more opportunities to