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We revolve around one axis. See how all the space150 offices connect and work together—seamlessly.

We’re in three cities: LA, NY, and our main Minneapolis office. But we’re always on the same space150 time continuum.

spaceAXS makes location irrelevant. A creative developer in Soho? HR in LA? A writer in Minneapolis? You can all start a face-to-face any time you need it, as if you were just a couple desks apart. It’s access on a single axis.

We even hold our weekly office meeting across four time zones.

Some incredible technological prosthetics helped us:

  • Traditional videoconferencing
  • Outstanding clock calculations
  • A cutting-edge, internally developed video system
  • An amazing, internally developed social networking platform

We’re using the internet to stay on the same page. Just fold the map and flatten the offices together: that’s spaceAXS.