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spaceCMS: Now We Are All Webmasters


We’ve built our own powerful, focused, easy-to-use content management system. It’s called spaceCMS. And you can see it in action at

Content management systems help non-experts edit, manage, and publish online content without risk to permanent elements of the site. Each page of a content-managed website is a pre-made template, and only certain areas of each template are editable. That’s where an editor can change copy or swap in new images to keep the site fresh and up to date.

But most content management systems are large, complex, and cumbersome, and the core functionality isn’t easy or intuitive. We wanted spaceCMS to be so focused and easy anyone could use it, making it powerful, simple, and extensible.

So the core of spaceCMS focuses on the needs of most of our clients, with customization and plug-in options for clients who need more.

And most importantly, it’s simple. If you’ve used Microsoft Word, you can use spaceCMS. “Point, click, change, save—that’s all,” comments Josh

Kopinski, space150 Senior Creative Tech.

Simple: Edit mode adds an editing toolbar at the top of each page. Navigation is within the page—not in a sidebar or pop-up window via a folder structure. Approval and history functions support quick site admin. Editable areas are outlined and marked with an “Edit” tab. Just click the tab and start typing. It’s that easy.

Here are the main features:

  • Workflow Assignments: Users can be editors, approvers, publishers, or all of the above. Easily give the appropriate user the appropriate control.
  • Scalable Publishing: Make changes on a development machine, publish to a preview server, and then send to a production server after approval. Or keep things simple, and just use one server. It’s all about what works best for you.
  • Edit in Place: Log in, browse to a page, and start editing. And see your changes immediately.
  • Internationalization: English isn’t the only language of business, so we have full support for multiple languages, plus a few different ways to support global initiatives.
  • Web 2.0 Technology: If you want to change the order of items like news articles or job postings, simply drag and drop them into place.
  • Standards-Based Coding: spaceCMS meets Web standards to last for the long haul. It supports all of the major Mac and PC browsers.
  • Plug-ins: It’s expandable and customizable for specific client needs and to keep costs down. Most of the functionality anyone needs is already built in.
  • Flash Editing: Users can edit properly designed Flash as easily as any other content. A user updates in spaceCMS, spaceCMS edits the HTML, and Flash reads it as XML.
  • SEO-friendly FAUST

    Create searchable HTML/Flash hybrid code and simple, “human” URLs so Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines can help people find your content.
  • Style Preservation: Copy and paste remembers the style info (font, size, color and all of the other important attributes). If you change your main styles in the future, they’re updated across the site.
  • Media Management: Upload new images directly from within the browser. No FTP or other ancient tools are required.
  • Good Looks: Call us superficial, but it had to be pretty.

We’re architecting our new sites to work seamlessly with spaceCMS, and plan on using it for more and more projects.