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Super Bowl XLI: Will User-Generated Content Score?


Chevrolet, Frito-Lay, and the NFL are making the 2007 Super Bowl a milestone in the world of advertising by using consumer-generated ads. Each has launched a promotion in a timely effort to capitalize on the user-generated craze by employing consumer-created material in a high-profile, mainstream media buy.

With an estimated 100 million Super Bowl viewers and 30 seconds of airtime going for $2.5 million, the stakes are high. Even though Chevy and Doritos retain varying levels of control over what airs, handing over the creative reigns can be a risky proposition for brands that are used to a high level of strategic control over their messages. On the other hand, the move is highly strategic in and of itself—they’re hoping to capitalize on the proven power of consumers to bring a new level of popular momentum to their brands through organic evangelism.

But true momentum doesn’t begin and end with user-generated content (UGC). The success of UGC is largely dependent on whether or not companies are willing to empower their consumers to not only create content, but to control disseminating the content as well. We predict that the staying power of consumer-created advertising will largely depend on whether this is encouraged—and whether it’s treated as a valuable dialogue or a disposable commodity.

Stay tuned to for more on the events that are shaping the future of user-generated content.